Location Information

La Coruña is a city in Spain, in the autonomous community of Galicia, capital of the province of the same name.

 It is an important historical port, located on the northwest coast of the Iberian Peninsula, in the Rías Altas area. The city centre extends over a peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus, so it has two different maritime facades: the port (towards the La Coruña estuary) and another facing the open sea, towards the Orzán bay where the main urban beaches (Riazor and Orzán) lie.

 The municipality of La Coruña has a population of 244,099 inhabitants (INE 2017), the second most populated city in Galicia after Vigo. The metropolitan area that surrounds the city has developed as neighbouring municipalities grow and together with the nearby metropolitan area of Ferrol, the number of inhabitants is 648,983, which is more than half of the total population of the province and almost a quarter of the population of the Galician community.

 The Eirís International School is situated on a hill in the neighbourhood of Eirís, with easy access to the city centre.